Welcome to Café-ERGOtm,
“Simply Better” 

Café-ERGO is the first coffee cup designed to fit the palm of your hand, relieve finger stress, is hand use specific and occupational therapist approved!

By combining cylinder and bowl shapes into one, artist/designer Gerald Haessig has created a modern ergonomic silhouette that marries form and function.

This contour of form, combined with a flange, shifts the weight of the vessel to your palm and arm muscles when lifting up.  This eliminates the gripping stress exerted on the finger and joints that you find with traditional handled vessels. Eliminated from the design is the traditional handle, replaced by a crescent flange.  Situated on a slight angle, the flange is notched. This allows for the thumb to sit on top.  The webbing between the thumb and index finger rests snuggly up against the flange while the fingers and palm curve around the body of the vessel. 

Lifting a vessel has never been easier.
Great news for left handed people. 

Café-ERGO’s patented design is made to fit either a right or left hand. 
With a simple change-up in the flange, left handed people can now lay claim to their own cup!


Café-ERGO vessels are designed to stack upon themselves, taking up less space on shelves or in a cabinet.  

So, if you desire a cool, hip, contemporary, hand made drinking vessel, that incorporates ergonomics in the design equation, look no further than Café-ERGO. 

Café-ERGO is not just for coffee, use it with any beverage, soup and ice cream too. 


Made by Hand.
Each Café-ERGO vessel is hand cast, each flange is hand attached and each cup is hand glazed. 

The glaze swatches shown above are only samples.  Do to the hand made nature of Café-ERGOtm  and the type of clay body used, allow for variations in each piece.  

Proudly hand made in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

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